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Service Work


Douglas Emmet


Santa Monica, CA, USA


This prime location offers a peaceful escape within the bustling city, combining modern convenience with serene surroundings. Discover a place where sophistication meets urban charm, inviting you to savor the best of both worlds in this hidden gem of Los Angeles, California.

1990 South Bundy Drive

1990 South Bundy Drive - Los Angeles, California

Project Details:

High-Performance Exterior Glass Replacement • Executed a meticulous replacement of exterior glass with high-performance materials • Enhanced energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal through the installation of top-tier glass‍ Re-caulking with Articulating Electric Boom Lift • Employed an articulating electric boom lift for safe and efficient access to high elevations • Conducted thorough re-caulking to reinforce the building envelope and protect against water intrusion The service work done at 1990 S Bundy Drive showcases our commitment to quality, safety, and building longevity, ensuring structural integrity and visual excellence. images: Anthony Cortes

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