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Project & Field Management

Experienced Field Management keep Projects on track.

At Ramos Industries, our approach to project management entails excelling as the premier subcontractor throughout the entire project lifecycle. Our project managers oversee and guide each stage, from initial kickoff meetings to the final punch lists, ensuring the seamless execution of the process. This includes handling technical takeoffs, managing submittals, facilitating delegation, fostering clear communication, and precise scheduling. Our dedicated team plays a pivotal role in transforming the architect's vision into a tangible reality.

We offer a comprehensive, step-by-step schedule aligned with Ramos Industries' timelines as well as those of our vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors. This meticulous planning ensures project adherence and mitigates the impact of potential delays.


We operate with a strong emphasis on adhering to schedules. Leveraging our schedule management proficiency, our Field Management team guarantees the timely achievement of critical enclosure milestones for your project.


The commitment to safety is ingrained in Ramos Industries' culture and is evident in our operational practices. Whether it's our thorough job hazard analysis, pre-task planning, or the continuous project life cycle audits we conduct, our dedication to enhancing safety is clearly visible.


Covering everything from the components to the installation, our Field Management team is committed to guaranteeing that the project aligns with Ramos Industries' exacting quality standards


• Glass Repairs

• Building Renovations

• Door & Hardware Repairs

• Security

• Commercial Building Lobbies

• Water Intrusion Inspection & Repair

• Glass Board-Up Service

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