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Preconstuction Services

Start your project right.

Our Preconstruction Service team is your partner in the initial project planning stages, laying the groundwork for your project's success. Through close collaboration, our skilled members from Pre-construction Service, Design, and Project & Field Management team work in unison to identify optimal solutions for your project.

Throughout the preconstruction phase, we leverage our extensive experience to offer design support, constructibility solutions, thorough schedule reviews, and dependable budgets. With our early engagement, we ensure a seamless transition into the construction phase for a consistently smooth project journey.

System Solutions

We provide product suggestions that align with your project's design, performance, and budget requirements.

Constructiblity Solutions

Our experienced team identifies potential construction challenges and suggests alternative solutions.

Creative Solutions

Our team is well-equipped to address your most intricate project requirements and specializes in custom applications, which encompass, but are not limited to, horizontal and vertical sunshades, stone work, aluminum panels, stainless steel design features, LED lighting solutions, and structural glass walls.

Project Schedule

Ramos Industries demonstrates exceptional proficiency in schedule management. Leveraging this expertise, we employ it to offer a comprehensive, conceptual project schedule to aid in your project's planning process.

Detailed Budget

We furnish a comprehensive preliminary budget, crafted from your project specifications and our extensive historical pricing information. This ensures the most precise cost estimation for your project's initial phases.

Furthermore, our team offers suggestions for potential substitutions aimed at cost reduction.


• Building Envelope

• Doors & Hardware

• Glass Handrail & Guardrail

• Dynamic Glass

• Security Glazing

• Glass Walls, Doors & Partitions

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