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New Construction




Los Angeles, CA, USA


Nestled in The Grove in Los Angeles. Their store is a curated haven for adventure enthusiasts, offering top-notch gear and apparel for every nature lover. Immerse yourself in quality and style as you embark on your next outdoor escapade with Backcountry at The Grove.

Backcountry The Grove Retail Store

Backcountry - The Grove - Retail Store

Project Details:

Entrance • Installed curtain wall framing with Jumbo-Sized Glass at the entrance • Enhanced aesthetics and visibility with a grand entrance featuring expansive glass panels‍ Side-Storefront Windows • Fitted side storefront windows and frames with clear tempered glass. • Provided durability and clarity, allowing natural light to showcase Backcountry's products Interior Storefront • Implemented storefront frames with quarter-inch clear glass inside the store • Created a seamless and transparent interior environment, promoting a spacious and inviting atmosphere‍ Doors with Panic Hardware • Integrated storefront doors with panic hardware for enhanced safety • Ensured smooth egress and ingress, combining functionality with a sleek design

This comprehensive project not only revitalized the exterior aesthetics but also prioritized transparency, durability, and safety for an optimal shopping experience at Backcountry's Retail Store at the Grove in Los Angeles, CA. images: Anthony Cortes

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