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Manhattan Beach, CA, USA


Experience a blend of tranquility and style at the Alo Store in Manhattan Village. This coastal sanctuary invites you to explore a curated collection of wellness and fashion, harmoniously nestled in the heart of Manhattan Beach, California. Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of this exquisite location, where mindful living meets coastal chic.

Alo Manhattan Village Retail Store

Alo Retail Store Manhattan Village - Manhattan Beach, California

Project Details:

Custom Storefront Framing  • Crafted and installed custom storefront framing tailored to the unique design of the Alo retail store. • Ensured a seamless integration with the overall aesthetic while providing structural support.

Bifold Doors (Brand: Lanai)  • Installed stylish and functional bifold doors from the Lanai brand • Enhanced the store's accessibility and created a dynamic entrance feature

 Interior Mirrors  • Implemented interior mirrors to enhance the store's visual appeal • Provided functional mirrors for customers and contributed to the overall interior design

 Jumbo Glass Installation  • Utilized jumbo glass to create expansive and visually striking elements • Achieved a modern and open feel within the store, allowing for ample natural light

 Exterior Sealant Work  • Executed meticulous exterior sealant work to ensure weather resistance • Contributed to the building's durability by preventing water infiltration and maintaining a secure envelopeThe Alo Retail Store in Manhattan Village showcases our attention to detail, and use of customized solutions. images: Anthony Cortes

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