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Tenant Improvement


Onni Group


Los Angeles, CA, USA


This vibrant location captures the essence of urban living, where art, culture, and commerce intersect seamlessly. Discover a dynamic address that mirrors the heartbeat of the city, inviting you to explore the eclectic charm and endless possibilities of Los Angeles, California.

1301 South Broadway

1301 South Broadway - Los Angeles, California

Project Details:

Office Partitions with Storefront Framing • Designed and installed office partitions using sleek storefront framing • Incorporated heavy clear tempered glass to create a modern and open office environment

 Aluminum Swing Doors • Installed aluminum swing doors to provide functional and stylish access points • Enhanced the overall flow and accessibility within the workspace

 Smoke Baffle • Implemented a smoke baffle system to ensure safety and compliance with building regulations • Strategically positioned to optimize smoke containment in case of emergencies

 Klein® Frameless Glass Office Partitions • Introduced frameless glass office partitions, utilizing high-quality Klein® products from Spain • Achieved a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic while maintaining a sense of openness

 Fire-Rated Openings • Installed fire-rated openings to enhance safety measures within the office space • Ensured compliance with fire safety regulations while preserving the visual integrity of the design

 We are experts in creating functional, safe, and visually appealing office spaces, incorporating modern design elements and international quality products

images: Anthony Cortes

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